Edition Two – Dreaming in Colour

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The exquisite gemstone Jewellery of Mr Ariel Tivon

A crowd has amassed around one stand in particular at this year's Elite London. Ensnared by bright vivid colours the expression registering on the faces of the onlookers feels not unlike witnessing an awakening. Gasps and countless "wow's" underscore conversations as people stare in wonder. The man responsible for all the commotion is Mr Ariel Tivon who is presently in the process of sharing the source of inspiration behind a piece which features a Colombian Emerald so green, so vivid and so fine it feels almost fantastical and as though lifted from the pages of a fairytale.

Simply entitled "Madame M", the piece is inspired by his younger daughter Meytal, whom not unlike the ring "…makes her presence felt when she enters the room." At 20.13 carats, there is no doubting the rings presence. Designed to delight and captivate in equal measure, this is high jewellery at its finest and the finish is flawless. The stone is set into an 18k white gold band which features Tsavorite garnets and diamonds, rising like gleaming spires and flame around the base of the gemstone. "Most great artists need to stare at something, I stare at gemstones, they’re my outside influence and help direct my attention." says Ariel with a knowing smile.

Each piece unique, each a one-off, the time that goes into creating this "wearable art" is not without considerable effort. Prompted by the question concerning the difficulty in sourcing an Emerald of such quality and rarity, Ariel describes his selection process which frequently sees him spend upwards of 4 hours examining hundreds of stones on a given day. So strict are his criterion, only 4 or 5 gems will make the cut.

It must be exceptional and ethically sourced. We're only ever using gemstones that fall within the top 5% available worldwide.

Not unlike the gemstones which make it into Ariel’s designs, Tivon Fine Jewellery is somewhat of a rarity. One of only a handful of business in the UK consistently featuring the use of gemstones in its pieces, Ariel is pioneering in his attitude and in doing so is bringing a level of design and craftsmanship which has traditionally and historically been associated with diamond jewellery alone.

Diamonds will always be sought after – however we believe they're all the more exciting when combined with the right gemstone.

Born in Israel and raised in South Africa, it was Ariel's fathers starting out as a diamond cutter that was to become the first in a series of events that would eventually see the father and son team become one of South Africa's most important gemstone jewellery makers and distributors. Founded in 1963, the business grew rapidly and soon evolved from offering unique hand-crafted silverware to diamond and gemstone set jewellery. "My father was always involved with jewels, he travelled extensively overseas and I'd go with him. It was just one big adventure."

Recalling fondly memories of being left alone with "…silverware his father had left for him to clean as a treat" from as young as 4 years old, it was upon turning 18 that Ariel was to take a more active role in the family business. Helping with the design for upcoming exhibitions and the planning of trips, it was after graduating some years later that he looked to expand the business by moving and setting up a base of operations in the UK in 2003. "The UK had long been a pinnacle in jewellery design. Traditional and classical in its sensibilities, I foresaw an opportunity to bring something different to the table."

In a little over a decade since moving from his native South Africa, Ariel's commitment and passion has not gone unnoticed. With numerous notable clientele from stage and screen, Tivon was one of a select few official partners to Her Majesty the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, and was also to become the first British member of the American Gem Society. His contribution at large to the role of gemstones in Jewellery design has also been recognised twice by the international community and educational body Gem-A, The Gemmological Association of Great Britain.

Awarded their coveted Gem Empathy Award in 2008 and again in 2013 in response to his unveiling "The Shield of Liberty" at International Jewellery London, the pendant stole the show and captured the eye and imagination of those in attendance. Created to commemorate Tivon Fine Jewellery's 50th year in business, the piece featured a flawless 58.6 carat natural unheated Brazilian aquamarine gem accompanied by brilliant diamonds and sapphires.

As we invite Ariel to explore his motivation, a possible connection between the pieces he creates, not unsurprisingly we discover colour as being sole attraction. "We don't dream in black and white, we dream in colour and colour lets us 'paint' outside the lines."

We don't dream in black and white, we dream in colour and colour lets us 'paint' outside the lines.

Bright, bold and gregarious Mr Ariel Tivon is an artist, whom like all artists is asking us to look at the beauty of this world from an entirely different perspective. Challenging a traditional industry, he is a visionary in pursuit of originality who permits us the opportunity to dream of unusual and exotic lands. Where some may see difference, others may see individuality. Mr Tivon it seems sees only colour.

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